ShapeMeshing in Maya

For the past week I've been obsessed with this little problem related to generating appealing 3d geometry with 2d line art.  Starting off with Python, and sampling approach I called the ray spinner, I was able to bulge out 2d animated shapes in an appealing manner, but it failed for irregular shapes.  I moved on to another method using Maya nodes and have come up with some really interesting results.  Below are a few of the process images.  Everything seen here was generated procedurally from a single nurbs curve.  In the future I'll have more to show, this stuff is going to be used in a project currently in production.  

The evaluated centers of a 2d object
Arc mapping without a radial tolerance.  Ooh baby
I am losing sleep over this

Also, I've recently made my BoolieMan claymation rig free to download.  Go get it if you like playing around with obscure and buggy animation rigs.


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