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Final Laurel poster for Like and Follow

With this our festival circuit comes to a close!  Like and Follow has been an amazing journey as pilot projects go.  We're very grateful to Annecy, Siggraph, the Open World Toronto Film Festival, UK Film Reviews, Ed Hooks, Harland Williams, James Rolfe and everyone else who lent their support to our little project.  And while we've already moved onto our next film, there have been a few exciting developments - just between us and the three people who read our blog - you may not have heard the last of Like and Follow!

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Concept art for The Peak

Cg World Jp

Sharing: ShapeMeshing - early test of the RayMesher


ShapeMeshing, Live at CEDEC

Promo Posters for Like and Follow

Forrest-Schlage our first short film as a Director Duo!

ShapeMeshing in Maya

Tokyo Game Show 2018