Amicus - my first job as a director in Japan

A spot I directed while working at Animation Cafe in Tokyo. Along with boarding and designing the characters, I was responsible for most animation, modelling, rigging, compositing and special effects. One solid month of work for a tight twenty four. Credits below:

Render: Shoma Mizutani
Painting and Art Direction: Shintaro Koike
Animation: Ken Tanaka
Additional Modelling: Yoshihito Hiroshige
Animation: Airi Kikuchi
Production Management: Makoto Yura
Produced by: Taiyo Sato at Animation Cafe

Incidentally, the client Amicus can help artists who want to find work in Japan
Final character lineup

This design didn't make the cut

Another design destined for the dustbun

Painting by the very talented Shintaro Koike


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