Forrest-Schlage our first short film as a Director Duo!

Tobias Schlage and myself have just finished our first short film together!

While it's not available for public screening yet, it is making the rounds in over 60 festivals and counting!  This two-minute film represents 14 months of hard work between us and a select team of artists and musicians from around the world.  Looking forward to sharing this soon!

Directed by: Tobias Schlage and Brent Forrest
Modelling & Animation: Tobias Schlage and Brent Forrest
Composer: David Arcus
Bassoon: Peter Lutek
Rigging and FX: Brent Forrest
Lighting & Rendering Supervisor and Lookdev: Mohammed Hamid
Lighting and Rendering:Shoma Mizutani, Filipe Ferreira, Ogulcan Tayman, Lukas Pyzybylski
Compositing: Rajdip Chakraborty, Mohammed Hamid
Rig Support: Jean-Baptiste Bongrand
Technical Support: Dietmar Kreider
With thanks: Ian White


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